cocina al fondo

Cocina al Fondo Brand

We are a Puerto Rican-owned and operated culinary destination that is rooted in the traditions, flavors, and history of our island. We offer fresh, elevated Puerto Rican cuisine with a twist—dishes incorporate and extoll the fertility and fruits of our land and sea yet with an international influence that connects us to diverse cultures around the world. We believe in a circular system that supports a sustainable future and showcases the strength and beauty of our land—and that includes our people. Ingredients are locally-sourced from farmers, fishermen, local producers, and harvested from our own garden. Each dish is made with love, generations of intuition inherited from our ancestors, and with a respect for what our island and its inhabitants can accomplish.

Cocina al Fondo offers a unique sensorial journey that is meant for everyone to enjoy. Our rotating, seasonally-inspired plates—from the most simple to the most complex dish—encourage wellbeing: of our bodies, minds, and soul. Nature, art, the lyrical essence of our island, the aromas, and our colorful, intense Caribbean heritage are all imbued into every element of our cuisine. We proffer an escape through a festive, gastronomic journey that reinterprets Puerto Rican cuisine through a bold new narrative of fortitude, tenacity, and, of course, taste. Our kitchen is helmed by James Beard Award-winning chef Natalia Vallejo, who in 2023, became the first Puerto Rican to take home the coveted award, clinching the title of “Best Chef South.” Vallejo previously led Cocina al Fondo to two highly sought-after nominations from the lauded organization in its first year of business as well, including: “Best New Restaurant” and “Best Chef: South”. She has been featured in Food & Wine, Travel & Leisure, The New York Times, Eater, Bon Appetit, Forbes, NPR, USA Today, BBC, Axios, Broken Palate, Lonny, Downtown Magazine, and more.


We are a Puerto Rican-based cuisine, full of memories and spontaneity, connected to flavors of different cultures. We are inspired and nurtured by art, nature and those who consciously work the land. We collaborate with local farmers, fishermen and producers.


The bar at Cocina al Fondo, headed by Karla Z. Torres, lacks all the pomp and circumstance people have come to expect from the historically exclusive, hidden mixology haunts you have to know someone to get into. Cocina al Fondo’s bar is far from an elusive locale—it’s open to everyone. Artisanal spirits, otherworldly cocktails, and globally-sourced wines are the norm. Each carefully curated, balanced cocktail unearths unique new flavors and incorporates the essence of the island—harmoniously surpassing the finesse of a cosmopolitan city while saturated in the flavors of the countryside. Fruits and nuts from the restaurant’s patio—quenepa, mango, and almonds included—are infused into various, delicious concoctions along with various fruits, vegetables, edible flowers, and botanicals from all over the island. Impressive presentations aside, each libation is designed to make your taste buds dance.